It begins in Bangkok – 22nd April

Finding our bearings 

Arrived in Bangkok at about 8pm local time after a full day of travelling. Never travelled so far and still doesn’t seem that far away. Watched Dr Strange on the plane. Anyone who has seen it knows that movie is right up my street. It’s about humans having unlimited psychic abilities, but Cumberbach doesn’t believe it at first until he has some what of a psychedelic experience travelling in the astral plane. As Roal Dhal said “you have to believe in magic to see it.” Anyway, would recommend. What I wouldn’t recommend is feeding a jumbo jet full of people curry for an 8 hour flight. It was surprisingly nice for plane food but I don’t think I was the only one who struggled afterwards.

Due to lack of sleep on the planes the itinerary for the first night was a chilled one so not much to report. Some Thai food and a few Chang beers. Cannot beat Thai food. Only been eating it for the last 6/8 months or so as I was always put off for whatever reason but since being introduced I can’t get enough. It’s like a party on my tongue and everyone’s invited. There’s also a little food market around the corner from the hotel which is a great location next to the river, it was that one from my first Facebook live video. Had a little mooch around where the hotel is and found some sweet spa shops, going to treat my self to plenty of Thai massages. Saw some market stalls and buskers on the pan drum which I love the sound of. Go check the video out on my Instagram.

It was so nice I was eating my fingers!


The people

Locals are great here always smiling and friendly, I’m trying to learn some Thai phrases to be polite but just sound like a numpty. I’ll pick it up though. Swa-de-khap means hello (I think, or at least I hope?) sure when I first said it I used the feminine Swa-de-kha. Goes a long way if you can at least attempt it and the locals will appreciate you for trying if not correct you. Most speak good English, we are lucky in that sense.

Took it easy first night but stick with it and enjoy the ride with us. More to come! Peace and love


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