Magic all around

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Chatuchak Market – 23rd April 

Despite the body clock being all over the place we rose at about 8:30am. Could of done with longer but so much to see. Gentle swim in the roof top pool with a spectacular view of the Chaophraya River. ( Thai restaurant in Leeds is named after it.) Went to the same place for breakfast as we did for dinner the night before. Scrambled eggs for me and fruit for Becki. Got our selves a Thai sim as well so if your on WhatsApp you can stay in touch.

After breakfast we headed up to the biggest market in Bangkok. It is absolutely massive, 27 acres of local business absolutely thriving. All sorts of things to buy ranging from clothes, accessories, food (coconut water straight from the coconut), essential oils, house stuff and spa treatments. Some really cool things so got a few trinkets and some hippie pants. I’ve decided I’m going to part ways with my jeans. It’s just too hot and they take up a bit of space and weight in my bag. So see me in hippie pants from now on. We also had some food at the markets and for a quick In and out sit down meal it cost £3.50 for two. That’s a bland meal deal in the UK. My Thai was a bit better today. More phrases learnt! It is unbelievably hot here, I’ve never experienced heat like it. That being said the pool was calling my name out, so we had a chilled afternoon by the roof top pool. I say chilled, it was scorchio!!



Khaosan Chaos. 

Night time and after some more delicious Thai food (yellow curry) we walked up the infamous Khoasan Road to find ourselves outside Rocco’s bar. A producer lady offered us free drinks to come and sit in the bar. They were filming for a travel TV show, basically we were extras (peas and carrots, peas and carrots.) free drinks though and possibly get my head on Israeli TV Magic #1 – Have a positive attitude towards money and you will be rewarded with financial favours however big or small. Moan about being skint and will be ever more skint.

After that we walked down the strip and went to a roof top bar with live music, first song that came on was Smoke on the water. It’s a popular beginners song to learn but this was the first song my dad taught me on the guitar. Just to add my nephew has recently started guitar lessons and this was the first thing his guitar teacher taught him. Magic #2 – To be played as soon as we entered is strange. Call it coincidence if you want but I prefer to go with Jung and call it synchronicity. That same magic I referred to earlier. Look for it and it’s there. I think the magic faded after a few more beers! 😛

I was dancing to redemption song in the middle of the street after that, with Thai Bob Marley. Again video on Instagram and Facebook. If your not already following me, do it, live videos and absolute ‘banter’ is the medicine. A great night started with exceptional Thai food followed by little bits of magic.

Peace and love


“Synchronisity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” – Carl Jung.


Me and Thai Bob jammin’

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