The Calm of Chiang Mai

Arrived in ChiangMai via plane and we literally just missed the rain so when we got out the airport it felt a little cooler than Bangkok. Still mid 30 deggerz though. We got to the guest house just in the SE corner on the edge of town great view of the mountains. I say corner because there is a river that goes all the way round the centre. Felt lost at first but as the night went on it became clear how things were laid out. Looking at renting a bike to get about. It’s only about £3 a day and gives us more freedom. ChiangMai was always going to be the highlight of the trip for me, after everything I heard, it sounded like my kinda place. It’s known as the Buddhist capital and that’s reflected in the vibe. So chilled. Really slow pace. Quite happy just to chill out and take it easy here. No hustle and bustle like Bangkok. We have arrived at a good time as it was new year last week and it was absolutely packed apparently. Fairly quiet compared.

​​IMG_0280.PNGView from Bed and Terrace just in the edge of town. 


Expats everywhere! 

Saw an English couple on a scooter so decided to ask a few questions. The guy was riding the scooter with no shoes, the mad man. Turns out it’s his first time riding too. Walking around looking for something to eat and we met an English lady called Deborah, amazing energy and a calm demeanour, probably because she’s been living intermittently in Chiang Mai and Europe for about 12 years travelling while teaching. She was kind enough to help us get our bearings, give us some advice and show us one of her favourite spots to eat. Down an alley that we would never of walked down. It’s called Ann and Moms, owned by a Mom and daughter so made with love. We ordered khao soi on Debs advice. We were also advised to try this dish by and English waiter in a Thai restaurant in Leeds (Jinos.) It’s like soft noodles and chicken on the bottom in a tasty yellow curry sauce with crispy noodle on top. Beck and I both agree it was out best meal yet. We also had a fried rice chicken dish, a large beer between us and a lemon and orange shake. Total 280bhat, about £6 max. We’re good at sharing food, we both like variation so we literally share every meal! Deborah gave us some great tips for our stay here. If your reading Debs, thanks again! Really nice lady.

​​IMG_0278.PNGBecki getting stuck in to the Khao Soi, it’s a local fave found mainly in Chaing Mai. 

After we had eaten we walked further up the alley and came to a cross road, just before that I saw ‘Vince’ spay painted on the wall, the magic again.


Dad letting me know he’s here with me ❤

Here to help 

At the cross room roads looking lost and an American on a scooter pulled over asked if we were okay. His name was Dustin. I asked where was good for a drink and the gentlemen he was, took us to a good part of town on his scooter. It was safe and he went slow. I’ve seen people with 4 or 5 on one scooter since I’ve been here. He told us he just starting renting a place in town where he has his own pool. Worked out about $350 a month!! Cheap as chips. He said he loves helping people when he can so he must have done this before.

Luckily the part of town he took us to was closer to our guest house so I recognised the area. Went into a small bar called ‘lost hut’ for a drink. After paying we got chatting to the Brits at the bar. One, a retired head teacher of an international school in Hong Kong who recently moved to Chiangmai and invested into said bar with his buddy. The other, a young lad maybe just 30 who lived and worked in Chiangmai. They gave us tips on how to be safe and certain scams to look out for. Not so much in Chiangmai, more so Bangkok. Adam the younger of the two gents gave us a recommendation to go to a Jazz Bar on the top end of town at the North Gate. Google maps it and you’ll get what I mean about the square. Got a Tuk Tuk up and enjoyed some Jazz. Open mic so it was just going off. The bar is so popular it spills out into the street.

After a couple of beers we moved on, walked straight through the middle of town heading back towards the SE section. We ended up next to the lost hut in another bar where a couple of older expats and a local were jamming, some American country rock. We sat there for the rest of the night. Last song and one of the others in the bar with his a wife, both from London. Decided to have a go on the mic and went acapella singing a Don McClean song to his wife and the guitars joined in. I forget which song. But that was sweet, he was pretty good and his wife cried!

Nothing else but chilled vibes and love up here in the north so far. Couple of things to look forward to this week including Thai cookery class where we will learn Pad Thai (without the peanut because of Becki’s allergy. Muay Thai fight which will be cool. I also want to do a meet with a Buddhist Monk where you can sit and talk, it helps improve their English and also I have some questions. Last but not least the elephants sanctuary!! Staying longer up here then off to Pai.

Peace and love family.



The Weasley car from hazza p

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