Mountain Ride

So today was the first day on the scooter, got a 125 Honda rev and go just for the ease. Had Becki on the back so wanted to take it easy. Best thing is about Thailand, they drive on the left hand side of the road so it’s easy as Pai. Pun intended. I’ve rode motorbikes back in UK, Becki was unsure at first but she felt safe and if my dad taught me anything it was to take it easy on a bike. He had one to many accidents. It cost 450bhat (about a tenner) for two days, should of been 500 but got a cheeky discount. Five minutes of using the bike and we were on the edge of the town and going through a police checkpoint. He pulled us over and asked to see my licence. I don’t have a bike licence, just car. Which in the UK is enough + CBT to ride a 125cc. Anyway because I didn’t have an international licence I was fined 400 bhat, I was crapping my self if I’m honest. Didn’t know what was happening. I was given a receipt and sent on my way. I was stopped another two times as we were leaving city and the receipt was enough for them to send me on my way.

Took me back to the Ludix days

After lunch of which I had beans, omelette on toast (stomach needed something it was use to) we headed up route 1004 to Doi Suthep National park. Beautiful ride up hill to begin with then back down into valleys etc. The roads were perfect, like a race track for some parts, felt like Valentino Rossi. Apparently the King wanted all the roads doing to a good standard to make life easier for the farmers when the opium trade was black listed, other crops such coffeee perished quicker and needed transporting more efficiently. Stopped off at a few sight seeing points, one where we were stopped by a Chinese family who wanted a picture with us, I felt like a celebrity. Becki says it’s because we’re white/tall.


This is where we got papped by the Chinese, to be fair I look petty cool
Deep in the forest you could here it come alive, buzzing with life. It sounded quite menacing. There’s a video on Facebook . (Click link) Got some great GoPro footage on the way up.
Hill tribe village.
After nearly an hour riding after a couple of stop offs. We arrived at the hill tribe village where we parked up and went for a stroll. It was like a market town where the merchants hand make a lot of their stock. Lots of colours and indigenous traditions. One stall was selling Tibetan singing bowls, so I picked the biggest one up and gave it a go, I wasn’t very good at it but I could feel the power. The frequency it gave off was hypnotising. Must try meditation with it one day. Similar affect to a gong bath I imagine.

Tibetan Singing bowl
I heard guitar and signing coming from one store so I walked in to see what was going on. The music reminded me of the medicine songs of Peru. As did a lot of the hand made merchandise. I was welcomed with whisky of which I had to decline due to riding the scooter. They invited me to play guitar, I only know a few chords and Wonderwall. They seemed to like it. He then went on to play red hot chilli peppers and we had a little singalong before saying bye and heading back down the mountain where the lower we went the more humid it got. It was super cool up the mountain slight rain sometimes which was refreshing.

Get lost

For dinner we ate at Ann and moms place again. I got Phad Thai this time, like a fried noodle dish. Couldn’t share with Becki this time because of her allergy, she got Khao soi again! After food we wanted to head back to the lost hut for a drink. Best part was we got lost looking for it. Almost don’t mind though just riding through various sois (streets) and alleys. It’s great fun. I’m not a bad navigator though, quick look on google maps and I’ll get us there usually. Becki is still unsure how I manage it. In lost hut, caught up with the gents we met the previous night, geeza called Clive and had an absolute ball chatting with him. Ex head teacher of an international school in Hong Kong now enjoying his retirement in Chiang Mai.

Called it a night after a drink and headed back to the guesthouse.

Peace and love.


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