Cliff Jump

27th April 2017
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On the advice of a local Thai girl we decided to visit the Grand Canyonwater park, it was only 30 minutes away on scooter the scooter.Cliff jump section was 50 bhat to get in and the highest jump was 24ft! When I got to it there was a young lad bottling it, a group of girls at the bottom were giving grief, I told him to feel the fear and do it anyway. He did it!! At this point I knew I had to even though I was terrified. After a few minutes of composing my self I just stepped off. Took longer than expected to hit the water and my dangly legs were going like Fred Flinstone driving his car in mid air. (Check the video here) Locals do all sorts of acrobatic flips off it. Mad men!


Total wipe out
The water park next door was an assault course, reminded me a bit like total wipe out. . 300bhat about £8?) to get in. Well worth it for the day. There was also sorts of obstacles was stepping stones to rope swing. Becki was funny. some good videos of Becki falling off lol. The best jump was on a big climbing frame in the middle of the canyon and it had a trampoline on it so got some wicked air time.


At night we decided to lay off the Thai food for a day as the currys etc are quite rich and we had smashed them. We went for pizza at a place called Boutique Della Pasta, owned by an Italian geezer, all you can eat pizza off a set menu for about £5. Later that night we went to a bar we driven past past a few times called THC bar, the signage had bob Marley vibes. It was a roof top bar so had go up couple levels to get there past some pretty wicked graffiti. Got the loft and had to take out shoes off. Bit stange, but when we got up there it was clear. It was a sit down on the floor cushions chill kind of vibe. Had a nice local ale called red truck and if you have been to Chiangmai you will get the branding. They have little red truck taxi bus type things getting around town. Called it an early night as we had cookery class the next day. Post to follow!

Thanks for reading guys. Peace and love x

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