I don’t want to be a Pai, I don’t like Gravy

1st – 5th May

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Spent about 4 days in Pai, it’s about a 3 hour bus away from Chiangmai, up the windiest road I’ve ever been on. Felt quite ill after it. Was suppose to do 6 days but you can see everything in one day. So on the scooters we stretched it out a couple of days and just chilled a lot. The night life for me was good up until around midnight. They had pretty obscure acts on with ukalele and things like that. Wasn’t a fan of the club scene, maybe I’m getting too old. Becki wasn’t a fan and booked a flight to go to the islands. She later regretted it as the more we explored, the more we fell in love with it. It was definitely love/dislike relationship. Never hate. It’s too pretty to hate. Surrounded by mountain range in all four directions. And all roads lead back to Pai so it was fun just getting around and taking in the breath taking scenery.


Views from the white buddha on the hill.
We went to watch the sun set at the Pai Canyon which was real pretty. The sky turning all different shades of red, orange and pink. Nice little spot. We hung around after the rest of the tourists had left and it was nice and peaceful to just sit there and take it in.
Pai canyon sun set
Next day we went up to see some waterfalls, I forget the name, not important as there is only a few there and they were dry as bone due to lack of rain. The ride up to them was the best bit. Stunning. We found a nice little spot to have a drink up in the mountain and we did some awareness mediation, I was guiding it and Becki kept laughing cause it was me being cheesy, beats some of the cheese on YouTube though. So we just sat there eyes closed listening to the sounds, seeing the colours, tasting the flavours, smelling the scents and feel the feeling the breeze on the mountain, it was nice. Felt good after.So Becki went on her way to the Islands to do a diving course, luckily we met a really amazing girl from Holland so I was in good company. Met some other cool people and we went for a bike ride into the mountain and saw the land split. It’s where some Thai dudes land literally split due to an earthquake. It was pretty cool. The owner of the land was nice as Pai. He gave us free refreshments and offered us fruit and wine at no cost and people just leave him donations. He set up a good chill spot with Hammocks. Hungover me was loving it. FaceTime the two nephews which made me slightly home sick. Just feeling sorry my self after the night before.


All roads lead to pai 

That same evening me and Nicole (the Dutch girl on the left here) decided to check out the White Buddha on the hill. You can see him from the town. He’s a big fellow. We got there in time for the sunset. Again, a really good spot to come back to breath and chill out. We stayed a bit longer and it was just us two up there so peaceful. I hate tourists ha


The white buddha on the hill.

The highlight of the trip to Pai for me was the ride back. I rented a 125cc Honda Click and headed down the windy mountain road to Chiangmai. I’ve seen some people who have done the road and fell off hurting themselves pretty badly. The funny thing is some of these girls have never had experience on bikes. Silly. I loved it tho, had one earphone in for tunes and went for it. Wasn’t much traffic so just took it easy. Stopped a few times to take in the scenes. Really nice to be on my own for this park and felt like my dad was on the back the whole way. He’d of loved it. Would recommend, if you are comfortable on bikes!!

Back in Chaigmai now and feels like home. I could live here, waiting for my bank card to arrive at a guest house I stayed at so I can continue on my journey. Staying in a cool hostel called deejais. Very social and has a pool so chilling out is on the agenda.

Also went on a Jungle Trek. Watch this space! An amazing experience I will never forget.
Peace and love

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