Jungle is Massive

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Jungle trek tribe stay.

I had a pool day on the 7th May and I was chatting to my American dorm mate Scott and his buddy Trip, from the south of America. ” Southern fried chicken alright alright alright,” anyway they were telling me about a jungle trek they booked on to and I’ve wanted to do one the whole time I was here but was quite reluctant on my own. Few beers in I went to the travel agent and booked on! 2200 bhat in total for 2 nights 3 days trekking. I was quite short on funds as I lost my bank card so NuNu the booking agent told me to come back before pickup at 8:30 and she will lend me her hiking pack so I didn’t need to buy one. What a babe. I then got a lift back to the hostel on the back of a scooter and a little pug came for the ride and sat between her.


Pool day @ Deejais hostel 
The two Americans and I were picked up from the hostel by our guide Chai. More on him later he was like a Thai Bear grills. What a lad. Soon as I got on the minivan I was greeted by “alreet PAL” immediately I was like “where’s that northern accent from then?” Could of guessed to be fair but it was Bolton!  Joel and Kyle, also a French couple and a lovey girl called Sam from Bristol. Couldn’t of asked for a better group to go into the jungle with.

Started the trek from Chai’s village and started the mooch into the jungle. The sun was baking and sweat was dripping from my hat from the get go. Kyle cracked me up because he came with a JD bag. Couldn’t be more British. It snapped the second day and he had to carry it in both arms. We’ve all been there. Looked like he was heading to P.E class.


Kyles JD bag 
We walked 7km through various terrain stopping along the way to buy water off the farmers and see a bat cave. Chai would say “you go see bat man.” ha He was a wizard in that jungle. He had so many life hacks making hats out of various leaves and vines to keep the sun on his head. Even a rain coat. He also shown us a plant that you can blow bubbles with. Chai was also a wizard with bamboo. He could make anything and he wasn’t short of it. There was plenty of bamboo trees. Funny guy, soon as he saw a hole in the ground he was poking sticks in there to see what beast called it home. First a scorpion, tarantula and snakes. Chasing snakes around the jungle while we were all running the opposite way. You could see he had a real passion for his job. Would of been lost with out him. He loved a lichee, every time he saw a tree he was stocking up on the tasty fruit. He was like Bart Simpson with a sling shot as well, so accurate.


Thai bear grills. 
After a 7K trek we eventually arrived at a small farm village on top of the mountains. Got to the bamboo hut we were calling home and were greeting with creates of Chang beer. And it began. Drank all night while Chai was cooking up a massaman curry. We went through a lot. It was great getting to know everyone and some friends for life were made. Had such a laugh, good banter getting thrown between us English lads and the Americans. After dinner chai snapped some twigs up and gave us some brain teasers. By this point we were half cut. Every now and again I’d get a big arse bug thrown at my head. Some naughty looking creatures.


After that Chai retired to his bamboo hut and people slowly started dropping off. Who was last up? Of course it was the Brits! Next day we were woken up at 4am by about 20 chickens running around under the hut as it was on stilts. So loud cock-a-doodle-doing or as the French would say “cocorico.” Little shits running round like headless chickens. Luckily I had my headphones and iPod. Woke up few hours later with the biggest Changover ever. Got cooked scambled eggs and toast for breakfast and chilled in the hut. We were visited by some of the local children. I just didn’t have the energy to play. Luckily trip was teaching kids in Thailand so left him to it.

Day 2 trek started about 10am, and after couple of Kilometres were arrived at another village where they were off their box on opium. We were offered some but politely declined. They were funny though. At this village was a beautiful water fall. It was a god send after the trek we had been doing. So nice to cool off. Jumping in off the cliffs. Chai even spotted a green viper, one of the most deadliest snakes around, I didn’t hang around too long.


Water falls and tits 
After this the group split. I decided to puss out of the trek and head back to the city with the Bolton lads and Sam. I was suppose to do another night in the jungle and trek some more day 3 but felt myself becoming ill so best to head back. We had a new guide at this point. Thai Rambo. That last hike to the minivan was the worse part! Pushed and pushed through cramp but got there in the end. The heat was the worse part close to 40 deggerz. And the jungle just trapped it in. A great experience and one I will never forget. Although I dropped out of the full trek I’m happy with my self and what I achieved, even though I was constantly focusing on not slipping off the edge of a cliff and putting one foot in front of the other it was a really good time to gather my thoughts. Cheesy as it is. I found my self in that jungle….. and I’m still a dick haha jokes. I’m a legend.


Bamboo Chang glass

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