Blue Mountains

Blue mountains – Katoomba 

Because everything is such a mission away and travel isn’t that cheap. There is great incentive to get people out and about on the weekends. For only $2.50 you can travel almost anywhere in NSW. As far as Newcastle north of Sydney which is about 163km. That being said, we decided to make the most out of it one Sunday and booked an Air bnb in Katoomba which is about 100km away from Sydney and in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

IMG_1342.jpgOriginally called Carmarthem Hills in 1788 the Blue Mountains became its name because as you look over the horizon you see a distinctive blue haze. Rather than what you’d expect to see, which is green. It’s blue because of the oils that are released from the eucalyptus tree, of which there are 1000s upon 1000s. The fine oil droplets combine with dust, water vapour and scattered light rays which produce to the blue you can see in the picture. Obviously the picture does it no justice.

From the grind to the country side.

We arrived at the Air BnB greeted by a lovely lady and her daughter. They rent their spare room out to tourists. Makes sense being such a tourist hot spot. The house was lovely, one level with tall ceilings. We were told to make ourselves at home and do as we please. The little girls dad is from St Helens in the UK  so we had a good chat with him and received advice on what to do and where to go. As we arrived late on the Sunday we couldn’t do any exploring so we went out for food. Found a nice Pizza spot which was BYOB. The place was already cheaper than Sydney and that was just the icing on the cake. So we returned with a few bottles of wine.

It was nice to wake up the next day and not have to worry about getting work as we were being tourists again. We got up bright and early and headed to the bus stop. The bus flew past us because it was so packed. We decided instead to walk to the main viewing points. It was only 30 minutes and it was nice to see a new place properly. The bus stop was at the bottom of a hill and as we reached the peak to view was amazing. We could see the mountains and its surroundings, as this point I was glad we walked. We also found an Aldi and got some supplies.

Three Sisters Legend 

The first point of interest was the Three Sisters rock formation which you can see from Echo point (be prepared to battle with tourists for space to get your perfect selfie.) The aboriginal stories has it that the unusually rock formation are three sisters who were turned to stone. Legend has it that the three sisters were part of an oborginal tribe in Katoomba and they fell in love with three brother from a different tribe. Which was forbidden. Boys being boys, they wouldn’t accept this law and decided to try and capture the sisters sparking a tribal war. To protect the sisters from harm a witch doctor from the Katooma tribe hid them in stone with the intention of reversing  it once the battle was over. However he was killed and the stones stand there today magnificent in all their glory as he was the only one to reverse the spell.  Just a myth and once of many.

IMG_1334.jpgUnbelievable scenes 

After seeing the sisters we headed down in to the scenic walk, taking in the breath taking views and dramatic landscape. We had quite a leisurely day with a nice picnic. I didn’t want to cram to much in because I knew I would be returning when I was next in Sydney. Especially because it was only $2.50 travel.

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