Australia so far

Been here about 6 weeks as I start to write this. Feels like years since I left the UK and it doesn’t feel like I’m that far away from home. Apologies for not keeping up with the blog but it was back to the grind fast when I got to Sydney. So bloody expensive and I needed to work some days to get by and not smash my money. Plan failed. Wasn’t ready for work yet. Not in Sydney anyway. I’m writing this on route to the Northern Territory. I flew to Townsville, which is near Magnetic Island in Queensland. Now I’m sat on a 16 hour coach into the middle of nowhere. I got a job at a road house resort doing hospitality. Not very exciting I know but good chance to get my head down and save. Maybe a good detox too which is needed after my time in Sydney. Most of all I’m out of the rat race with only a 30 second walk to work I don’t have to look at the faces of people on the morning and evening commute wishing they were somewhere else doing something else.
So when I got here, landed in Melbourne and it was cold! Winter had just started and I arrived with vests and shorts from my time in Asia. No one told me Australia was going to be cold! Melbs was cool though. In both senses of the word. It reminded me of Manchester. Could defiitely see myself living there for a bit in the summer. I stayed in Fitzroy, a cool little hipster part of town. Northern quarters vibes if you are familiar. The hostel was called the Nunnery. Interesting building. It was once a nunnery believe it or not. Now young travellers are getting freaky in the showers. Nice building though tall ceilings, big dorms and a hot open fire in the living room which was extremely welcoming.
 One of my favourite things about the city is the free tram section. You can hop on and off and move around the city with ease. The Nunnery was just one stop after the free zone so I had to get off about five minute walk away. So my first ever public transport stop in Australia was outside a hospital called St Vincent’s. There are also loads of charity shops called Vinnies. He loved a good nosy in the chaz shops.
Went to the market for supplies, also in the free tram zone. Got my self some undies, socks and a laptop to make the writing a bit easier and more comfortable, also for job hunting. Can’t look for a job in old undies. I caught up with an old friend from Uni who has been in Australia nearly two years. Coming to the end of her Visa but it was good to see Kimbo. Spent some good time with her in Sydney as well. She shown us around where she lives in St Kilda. Where they have penguins believe it or not. Cute little things. There is also a cool concept cafe called Lentils as anything. A vegetarian place where you pay what you feel its worth or what you can afford in some cases. You can even walk out and not pay a thing if times are hard has there is a separate box for people to donate funds for meals. Food was delicious and healthy.
So after 5/6 days of chilling in Melbourne I decided to get out of the cold and head up the coast to Sydney. Got an overnight bus which was 12 hours long, nothing is close in this country but that bus ride is like Manchester to Leeds for Aussies. Stayed in the infamous Bondi. What a place that is. Beach is beautiful, well looked after by the sand man. I spent a lot of time down by the sea at night and every time the ‘sand man’ was there in his tractor looking after the beach. He’s an allusive character, a mystery. Hence we named him the sand man. Had some incredibly drunken nights with some top people from the hostel. The Bavarian under the hostel had a happy hour 4-6pm, $5 pints and this was some strong ale. The hostel was cool, they held all sorts of social activities like BBQ Friday, Cheese and goon nights (a cheap box of wine with wicked hangover,) Wednesday and morning Yoga and PT sessions on the beach. Saw whales one morning.
Public transport on a Sunday all travel is $2.50 so you can have some good days out. We got the train to Blue Mountain and another time a ferry to Manly beach. Can’t wait to go back and do some bits around Sydney. Saw the opera house and bridge obviously. First week there was an artsy light show on around the city and the opera house looked like it was on acid. Didn’t spend much time in the city though, few interviews and some shopping but I was more than happy by the sea.
Went to see Bonobo with a live band that was pretty mint!
Beach life next to a big city was perfect, even in the winter. There was tones of work, or as the Aussie would say “bloody heaps of it.”  I did some warehouse work making tarpaulin. We made the cricket ground cover for Melbourne cricket ground. Hard graft that though and I quickly realised I wasn’t ready to get back the grind yet. I wanted something more causal which I found in the form of promo and some house removals which was a graft as well. Worked muscles I never knew I had. Don’t forget in the city everyone’s in apartments, some with no lifts!! Eventually I realised I couldn’t sustain my self on a casual income so started to look for full time and then an opportunity popped up to go work with Becki in NT. Nothing for hours either side so no way of spending money. Nothing too exciting to write about at the minute. Just figured I’d check in while I have 16 hours to kill. Looking forward to hitting the road again and doing some real travelling. Not about settling yet. Can’t wait to hit the road again and have some more interesting things to talk about with you all.


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