Great Barrier Reef Tour

We arrived in cairns after a long bloody day of travelling. Door to door it took 26 hours from Barkly Homestead. We checked in to Mad Monkeys hostel about 8pm Saturday and went out for some food, which is a nice hostel by the way. It’s got a pool, free breakfast and a massive LCD with a PS4 for Netflix’s and Fifa. Anyway, it was nice to finally choose what we could eat for a change. The decision was Greek Mezze and we were not disappointed.  We also went for a curry one night at the Tandoori Oven and although Aussie curry houses aren’t the same as in the UK, it was still delicious. I got my standard biryani didn’t I. No omelette though, wounded.

As God himself said, Sunday was a day of rest. It was a chilled shopping day. I bought some new undies, socks and a cheeky new GoPro 5 as well as thongs (that’s what the Aussies call flip flops.) It was a nice a hot day, with the sun blazing. Exactly what I expected from the Aussie weather. Although that didn’t last because the next few days were pissing down.

Scuba Rossdog

I was well eager to use my GoPro and the next day was the perfect opportunity as it was the Great Barrier tour with a company called Evolution. Luckily as we were out at sea the weather was perfect and the water was calm. The boat took us about an hour away from Cairns. The whole way I was deliberating whether to do an intro scuba dive.

I decided to bite the bullet and do it! Best thing I’ve done for a long time. During the safety brief I was thinking this is f’in dangerous. When we arrived at the reef I was in the first group so I got suited and got a tank on. Going under the water was strange. It was difficult to adjust but once I got my breathing under control I felt calm and ready to go. It was like being in an alien world. Before we could set off we had to demonstrate to the dive master that we could perform two basic safety skills.

The first skill was to take our breathing piece out and put it back in. Scary but easy. Second was to show we could blow water out of out mask while underwater. Easy again. So off we went. As it was our first dive all four of us in the group had to link arms with the dive-master in the middle. I saw some incredible reef and fish. It was a great experience. As soon as it was over I knew I was going in for a second dive at the next location.

For the second dive, we started out linking arms but once we got down to the reef we were let go and allowed to swim independently. Obviously staying close to the dive-master and following his route. But still, I felt free under the water and it has definitely inspired me to do my PADI course. I was allowed to take my GoPro on the second one so got some good footage of the reef.

After the dive I went to catch up with the Becki who was Snorkelling with the rest of the group. The reef was so shallow that you didn’t need to dive to see some cool shit. We even got a glimpse of Nemo. Or what looked like Nemo anyway. Let me know if you can spot him in the video.

The whole experience was amazing. If you are ever in that part of the world. Go check it out.

Great Barrier reef. Competed it mate.

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