Atherton Tablelands Tour

Waterfalls and what not. 

It was an early start with a slight hangover as we were in the hostel bar the night before. Damo, the tour guide jumped off the bus and greeted us all with a massive hug. Good vibes straight away. He was a funny c**t as the Aussies would say. He was a typical Aussie surfer bloke. His banter was first class and he definitely made the day a special one. His knowledge on Australian wild life and history was second to none. Who knew a horse was statistically the most deadly animal in Australia. We went around the bus introducing our selves and he would asked if we were folders or scrunchers, meaning how do we wipe our arse! From that moment I knew it wasn’t going to be a dull day!

The Morning

Our first stop was Lake Echam. A beautiful lake made from a volcanic crater. The water was clear as day and a deep blue. It rained for most of the day with breaks of sun, but it didn’t stop us getting in the water.

Lake Echam is about 80m deep! And the home of little turtles and a fresh water crocodile apparently. He’s been seen a few times. Don’t worry mum the fresh water crocs are harmless. It’s the salt water ones that would want to eat me!

Lake Echam

After a little swim we had some locally grow coffee and tea with muffins and biccies. We then jumped back on the bus and headed towards our next location, The Fig tree. A vine that attaches to a tree and uses it as leverage to grow itself. It spreads across the tree and hangs its roots to the ground. When the first tree fell it was held up by another tree. The Vine wrapped itself around that and before long both of the original trees were dead and gone. The tree of life in Avatar is suppose to of been inspired by this one.

Fig Tree
The tree of life

Next stop was River Baron, a cool waterfall with a rock to jump off into the pool. It wasn’t the best of weather so it was a tad cold. On the nipple rating probably about 9! But when you jump in you get used to it straight away.

We swam towards the water falls and if you swim under it, you end up in a little cave. Was pretty difficult with the current but a few of us managed it. That was pretty cool. After this stop we went a bit further and stopped in little town called Milla Milla, an old timber town which is now a bit of a ghost town. It use to have about 9 pubs apparently and now only 1.


Milla Milla falls was the first stop after lunch. This is properly the most famous out of the few as it was where Herbal Essence filmed their advert with the hair flick. Hence why all the girls want to get a picture flicking their hair. Also there is rumours Peter Andre filmed mysterious girl here.

Due to the rocks around and in the pool it wasn’t possible to jump in so we had to edge in being very careful not to break ankles. It was so cold! Again probably a 9 on the nipple scale but felt like a 10 because we had to edge in slowly, rather than jump in. It was okay once in there, and we could swim behind the fall which was really cool.

Milla Milla falls
Because I’m worth it

Best till last.

The last waterfall on the tour was Joshephine Falls. It has a natural water slide. By this point in the day the rain was really coming down. It was still humid though, so it was relatively warm. When we arrived Damo had to make a judgment as to whether it was safe to go in. This falls has the highest accident rate and during busy season a helicopter is on stand by.

We got the all clear to go in! I had to jump in and swim over to the slide. As soon as I was in I was pushed across by the current. It was a beast, some power. I managed to go down the slide twice. On the second go the rain was really coming down and the river was filling up rapidly. So after my second go Damo threw the rope in and pulled me out. By far the best stop on the tour, despite the rain. Check the video out. The Tour was by barefoot tours by the way.


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