Sky Dive!

The clouds were grey, I could smell the rain from night before and this was the day I was jumping out of a plane. I woke up with a slight hangover, why on earth I thought it would be a god idea to drink the night before a sky dive. I struggle with hangovers the best of times nowadays and this was just another level.

Got picked up from the hotel at 8am and went to the office. Luckily I was in the first group and I didn’t have to wait around for long. They had to keep an eye on the wind to see if it was safe to jump. The rain and wind definitely added to the terror.

We got harnessed up and took a short bus ride the airstrip where a little blue plane was waiting for us. I was shitting my self. We got a group photo and began boarding. I got a seat towards the front of the plane and as we were taking off I took a glimpse back at everyone and the tension could of been cut with a knife, there was one girl though, she was first out of the door and she looked so calm!! Smiling and laughing the whole way up. She assured me after the jump that she was terrified on the inside. During the assent I was trying to stay calm and focus on my breathing. I was literally nearly crying! Bottom lip was going, what on earth was I doing jumping out of plane. Im scared of heights!!

Luke Slater 0040.jpgThe light came on, and it means its nearly time to go! It reminded of Band of Brothers without people shooting at us from the ground of course. That’s what made me feel a bit better, the fact that those guys were jumping into a war zone and I was landing on a nice beach!

There was me trying to meditate eyes closed, nearly crying and the door flew open the noise of the wind was intense, next thing the girl sat near the door goes and she just disappears and you hear a big whoosh! Because I was fourth I couldn’t watch the people before jump out. I had to keep my eyes closed until it was my go. Could still hear the ‘whoosh’ though!

So the time came for me to go, no turning back at this point, we shuffled over to the door, I hung my legs out and I felt weirdly okay at this moment. I think I just accepted what was going to happen and then we jumped!

Falling thorugh the clouds from 15,000km up! wow, it was intense! Everything just left my mind and I was free falling. Words cant describe the emptiness I felt during that 60 seconds. Half way down the free fall and we break through the clouds and I could see the land and the ocean! It was beautiful, but at this point I wasn’t judging anything, no fear, no stress, not once did I think I was going to die. I was just simply being. Just completely let go and was free. Adrenaline rush like I’ve never had before. I was flying!

When the parachute came out, I was felt fully aware and present, eyes wide open and that was the time to take in the scenes as we floated back down to earth. We landed and disconnected and I just sat on the beach looking out into the ocean for a good few minutes, amazed at what I had just done. Never thought I’d do it but this whole trip has been about pushing my self and over coming fears. As my Nanna use to say, there is no such word as can’t and I did and ill do it again! Check the video

peace and love.

xLuke Slater 0092

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