What are Chakras? 

At the beginning of my spiritual and self healing journey I encountered chakras. I’d heard of them loosely but I was intrigued as to what part they played in my spiritual development and experiences on this beautiful planet. They are predominately found in Buddhism and Hinduism and the term Chakra can be translated from Sanskrit to mean ‘wheel’ and in Hindu ‘wheel of spinning energy.’ When I speak to people, many are unsure as to what the Chakra system is or are confused by their meaning. So I am writing this to beginners like myself in hope that it will assist you in your journey.

The Chakra system is an invisible energy system, part of the reason many people dismiss it, much like the Qi channels known as meridians found in acupuncture. Meridians are the veins for your Qi or energy to move around your body. Chakras can be described as the recharging points for your energy and each Chakra plays an important role in circulating energy. It is crucial to maintain the wheels and cleanse them as this can prevent blockages of the vital cosmic energy from your surroundings. If they are to become blocked you may feel this in the form of depression, anxiety, physical illness or a sense of feeling out of balance. You can learn to heal chakras yourself or seek help in doing so.

The healing consists of connecting to the flow of cosmic energy in the Universe, your surroundings and in nature, much like how a housing estate is connected to a power source in a city. We are the individual houses using its energy and within them houses are various connectors so we can transmute the energy to use various appliances. We can increase the flow of energy in our bodies by wearing certain colours and crystals.

See the image below which demonstrates where your chakras lie in your body.  Chakra 5 to 7 (top three) are the Chakra of spirit. Chakra 1 to 3 (bottom three) are the chakra of matter and the 4th is the connection between the physical matter and spirit serving as a bridge between body, mind and spirit. The earth it self has been said to have its own 7 major chakra or power points.

image-22.pngCrown Chakra (The Sahaswara) #7

Violet in colour and is located at the crown of the head. It is known as the thousand petal lotus and said to be the spiritual connection to our higher selves or the Divine. If this chakra becomes blocked problems may occur psychologically. It is associated with the cerebral cortex and nervous system.

Activate your Crown Chakra

  • Massage your head
  • Meditate visioning the symbol below.
  • Imagine a great divine light entering from the sky into your crown and out of the root chakra into the earth.
  • Crystals – clear quartz, herkimer diamond, amethyst.


Third Eye Chakra (The Ajna) #6 

Indigo in colour and is located between your eyebrows. Most people know this as the ‘third eye’ chakra as it represents your inner sight, intuition and wisdom. It is important to balance and cleanse this chakra as it will allow you to trust your intuition more. We all have psychic abilities to some degree but due to distractions in the current society we have learned to ignore our inner voice. The Third Eye is said to be the seat of the soul and holds  the information from dreams in this life and previous.

Activate your Third Eye Chakra

  • Wear purple.
  • Sit with closed eyes and imagine opening your third eye. Focus on the area between your brows.
  • Meditate visioning the symbol
  • Keep a journal of what thoughts arise and don’t doubt the first instinct. Trust your gut.
  • Crystals – Amethyst


Throat Charkra (The Vushuddha) #5 

Blue in colour and is located in the throat but includes thyroid, parathyroid glands, jaw and tongue. It is the source of self expression, voice and truth. If this chakra is blocked you might find yourself second guessing or being unsure of your words or needs. Physical ailments might occur such as regular sore throat. If this is open and balanced you feel comfortable expressing your creativity and speaking what’s on your mind.

Activate your Throat Chakra

  • Wear blue clothes
  • Engage in public speaking more often
  • Sing at the top of your voice
  • Meditate visioning the symbol below and focus on the chakra
  • Practice positive self talk
  • Crystals – Blue gem stones. ( Sodalite, Blue kyanite and Lapis Lazuli.)


Heart Chakra (Anahata) #4 

Green in colour, the heart chakra is at the centre of the body’s energy system. It brings a connection to all the chakras. It serves as a bridge between body, mind and spirit. Placed in the centre of the chest it is said to be the seat of the soul and is concerned with love and connection. Blockages may occur if a person has been heartbroken and now guards this area emotionally. It is important to cleanse it to improve our ability to love not only ourselves but others and the planet itself.

Activate Heart Chakra

  • Wear Green
  • Use positive affirmation when looking in the mirror. Focus these on self love.
  • Practice forgiveness for yourself and others. If not verbally, use intention.
  • Crystal – Gemstone (Jade, Pink Quartz, Green adventuine
  • Meditate visioning the symbol and focus on the chakra


The Solar Plexus (The Manipura) #3 

Yellow like the sun, the third chakra is located in the area of the Sternum. It is linked to our personal power including self worth, self esteem and confidence. Ambition and ability to succeed are stored here. When working properly a person will transmit good vibes of generosity and peacefulness. However if blockages occur it could transmute as anger and frustration as it is said to be the seat of our emotion.

Activate Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Wear Yellow clothing
  • Use sunlight and imagine the rays cleaning this chakra
  • Crystals – Citrine, topaz and amber.
  • Mediate visioning the symbol and focus on the chakra.


The Sacral (The Svadhisthana) #2

Orange is its colour and the Sacral is located just above the pubic bone in the naval region. It is associated with creativity, sexuality and how we experience intimate relationships. If it becomes blocked you may experience a lack or creativity or sex drive and seek to engage in self abusive actions. When it is cleansed and balanced you will feel a sense of well being, pleasure and be comfortable expressing yourself creatively and sexually.

Activatie sacral Chakra

  • Wear Orange clothes
  • Meditate visioning the symbol
  • Breathing deep into the diaphragm.
  • Crystals – sunstone, orange calcite and orange kyanite.


Base or root Chakra (The Muladhara) #1

A vibrant red in colour and is associated with our basic needs, stability and grounding. It it located at the base of the spine near the tail bone. If it becomes unbalanced you may feel a sense of not belonging or struggle to support yourself and others in relationships. Much like a tree has its roots in the earth the root chakra is your connection with the energy in nature. It is your grounding chakra.

Activate Root Chakra

  • Wear red clothes
  • Be in nature and breathe fresh air
  • Walk barefoot and imagine taking energy from the ground
  • Crystals – garnet and red jasper.
  • Mediate visioning the symbol and focus on the chakra.
  • Imagine roots going into the earth and grounding you.


So that was basic introduction into the more well known seven chakras that harnesses your energy for every day life. The key is being aware as to when and which chakra feels out of balance. By doing this you have taken the first step to aligning them, allowing yourself to utilise the energy that exists all around you. The more you quieten and still the mind the more your body will talk to you. Listen, spend time in nature, listen to positive frequencies and above all, practice meditation for at least 20 minutes a day. Burn sage to cleanse your space of negative energy. Learn your body’s cues as chakra imbalance will often manifest as physical issues.

Added note.

The body holds even more energy points than the 7 Chakras, however they are less well known. This includes the 8th chakra. In Shamanism and Yoga this is the body’s aura that you can train yourself to see in other people, usually illuminating in colours that demonstrate the current state of the person you are looking at. It holds all the data from previous lives as well as lives of your ancestors.

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