“Attempting to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth”

                                          – Alan Watts

Now I claim to be no Guru or enlightened person so take from my writing what you will. I am merely just a human being experiencing things similar to what you are. If anything resonates with you in my blogs please let me know and open up a dialogue in the comments. We are all human and indigenous to this one planet and many of you will be surprised how much of the experiences you experience are being experienced by your neighbours (that’s bloody hard to say.)

All the anxieties, pressures, fears and need to be loved and deemed worthy by others. You are not alone my brothers and sisters. Sometimes we lose sight of who we are by playing different roles to appease to what we believe people want or except from us. But your perfect just being you.

I am writing about my experience on this planet in hoping that it can assist you in your transformation that you are undoubtedly going through. My blog will be honest and open hearted. I am putting myself out there in hope to inspire you to do the same. We can learn a lot by sharing with each other. You are not alone.

Heal yourself, inspire others

For me and the environment I was in, this kind of thing was seen as some ‘hippie dippie bullshit,’ and I had a hard time often the brunt of jokes and banter as they say, all in good nature. But it isn’t the case. I’ve realised this.

The first of many self help books I read was ‘Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.’ I was only about 17, what did I have to fear you ask? Well maybe the fear mongering media, education, exams, life decisions, social situations, finding a lover and worrying what I’ll do for a career.  In the current structure of society there is a lot to be fearful of. What I started to learn after reading similar books was, I am in charge of my own emotions and there are different routes you can take to live a successful happy life through love instead of fear.

More books started to appear on my bookshelf that transformed my perception of my reality. Once you start on this journey it becomes incredibly addictive. I am a junkie for this shit and I want to spread it far and wide. As Ghandi said ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’

That’s what personal development is for me. Making the world a better place by healing yourself. It starts with you; you will then radiate and inspire others. Don’t be scared, don’t hold back. Follow the passion that burns inside of you. DO what scares you the most and you will learn and grow into your full potential. I’ll be honest, what scared me the most is being ridiculed and judged for writing things like this. I’ve felt isolated for my spiritual beliefs, like I don’t belong but people are recognising where my heart is at. It’s wide open and no one can deny me of it.

Awakening to your personal power.

Awakening isn’t what its perceived to be by many. The ‘woke’ don’t walk around with their third eyes open swinging their balls around, thinking they are better than anyone else. For me it means someone who can begin to see through the illusions of society and escape its clutches and in turn want the best for everyone else. It’s about dissolving the ego and seeing your self for what you truly are. I still struggle with this. A topic for a later post maybe.

Its not an easy ride, when I started to have more awakening moments I became more sensitive to people and situations.  I had lifted the veil of corruption and went down a dark rabbit hole of conspiracy (I couldn’t even watch the news.) However it wasn’t till I got to University and started studying Psychology that I found my spiritual to path to walk down and found a healthy way to channel my energy. It lead me gracefully out of the rabbit hole I had found myself in. I was able to ground myself somewhat and make more space to grow.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies on the other side though. We will always have moments of darkness in our life and its important to embrace them, feel them and see the lesson. Don’t suppress and ignore them. We have to struggle to grow in this world. As the Buddha said “Life is dukkha” which translates to suffering. Life is also about balance and it is impossible to have a life full of light. You will only be denying your self of your full potential. The most important thing is, you stay in control. Don’t let anyone or any situation dictate how your feeling. You only give away your personal power. Learn to process emotions healthy and conserve energy for the important things in life.


I studied Psychology and the course in general open my mind, having the opportunity to understand human behaviour was a game changer in understanding my own actions, thoughts and feelings. One module that took my interest in Uni was Psychonautics, as an astronaut explores space a Psychonaut explores the Psych. In this module we covered various ways to explore the mind, body and soul. Traditions from various religions or philosophies from meditation, Buddhism, Qi Gong, psychedelic substances like mushrooms and acid and even sound healing. We didn’t actually get to take any drugs though. That would have been a fun lecture. Since then I have met with various plant teachers including the master plant her self. More info will follow in later blog posts.

While I was studying this module, someone close to me was fighting their own battle with mental illness. They had been on prescribed medication for a number of years and there was definitely improvement. However when this person found meditation and Buddhism/Hinduism through a work friend, the improvement was so drastic that I couldn’t help but ask questions. My Psychonautic mission began.

Final thought. 

Hopefully reading this you can get a picture of what my posts will be about. I am not religious, however  I take interest in the religions but what I believe in is myself and you. Its about regaining our personal power, healing ourselves, its going to boarder on ‘pseudo science’ and the paranormal. Let’s explore this universe together, in and out!

The following posts are going to discuss some of the questions that I asked my self and the Universe, some you might have asked or be asking now. So I hope that they will assist you on your journey or just provide and interesting read. Please comment and share your thoughts as you can help me also.

Peace and love.


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