The benefits of guided meditation. 

The benefits of meditation are becoming much more mainstream. About time! When we live life in the fast lane, it's important to take a step out and just relax. Life is a balancing act, trying to appease to relationships, career, education, finances and a tonne of other distractions. Life seems like an endless cycle. It... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Sage

Smudging as it is known is the act of burning specific herbs in your space, whether it be home or work place. It is used to purify and cleanse the air and science is now backing this. Research confirms it kills up to 94% of bacteria in the air reducing the risk of various virus... Continue Reading →

What are Chakras? 

At the beginning of my spiritual and self healing journey I encountered chakras. I’d heard of them loosely but I was intrigued as to what part they played in my spiritual development and experiences on this beautiful planet. They are predominately found in Buddhism and Hinduism and the term Chakra can be translated from Sanskrit... Continue Reading →

Meditation and grief

Grief is a rollercoaster full of highs and lows and loops like no other. Sometimes it feels like you're on it without a harness with no end in sight. A grieving person is said to go through stages of fear, depression, regret, anger and loneliness, sometimes all at the same time. No matter how you... Continue Reading →

My experience with Meditation

Meditation is a practice found in many traditions across the globe, most notably in Buddhism and Hinduism. For the very disciplined it's about reaching a state of nirvana or enlightenment and bringing us closer to God or our higher self to live a happy and fulfilled life. But for Tom, Dick and Harry it is... Continue Reading →

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