Sky Dive!

The clouds were grey, I could smell the rain from night before and this was the day I was jumping out of a plane. I woke up with a slight hangover, why on earth I thought it would be a god idea to drink the night before a sky dive. I struggle with hangovers the... Continue Reading →

Van Life – Cairns

This was a week I had been looking forward to for long time. It meant total freedom to go drive and stay where we wanted. It was time to live in a van. Such a contrast from being stuck in the outback for three months.  It was a bit of taster as well because I... Continue Reading →

Atherton Tablelands Tour

Waterfalls and what not.  It was an early start with a slight hangover as we were in the hostel bar the night before. Damo, the tour guide jumped off the bus and greeted us all with a massive hug. Good vibes straight away. He was a funny c**t as the Aussies would say. He was a... Continue Reading →

Banter in the bush

  The outback What a bloody place the outback is. To come here from a big city like Sydney (a flight then then a 16 hour coach ride) is a bit of a shock to the system. A good one though. It was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of big city... Continue Reading →

Blue Mountains

Blue mountains – Katoomba  Because everything is such a mission away and travel isn’t that cheap. There is great incentive to get people out and about on the weekends. For only $2.50 you can travel almost anywhere in NSW. As far as Newcastle north of Sydney which is about 163km. That being said, we decided... Continue Reading →

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