Sky Dive!

The clouds were grey, I could smell the rain from night before and this was the day I was jumping out of a plane. I woke up with a slight hangover, why on earth I thought it would be a god idea to drink the night before a sky dive. I struggle with hangovers the... Continue Reading →

Van Life – Cairns

This was a week I had been looking forward to for long time. It meant total freedom to go drive and stay where we wanted. It was time to live in a van. Such a contrast from being stuck in the outback for three months.  It was a bit of taster as well because I... Continue Reading →

Atherton Tablelands Tour

Waterfalls and what not.  It was an early start with a slight hangover as we were in the hostel bar the night before. Damo, the tour guide jumped off the bus and greeted us all with a massive hug. Good vibes straight away. He was a funny c**t as the Aussies would say. He was a... Continue Reading →

Banter in the bush

  The outback What a bloody place the outback is. To come here from a big city like Sydney (a flight then then a 16 hour coach ride) is a bit of a shock to the system. A good one though. It was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of big city... Continue Reading →

Australia so far

Been here about 6 weeks as I start to write this. Feels like years since I left the UK and it doesn’t feel like I’m that far away from home. Apologies for not keeping up with the blog but it was back to the grind fast when I got to Sydney. So bloody expensive and I... Continue Reading →

Blue Mountains

Blue mountains – Katoomba  Because everything is such a mission away and travel isn’t that cheap. There is great incentive to get people out and about on the weekends. For only $2.50 you can travel almost anywhere in NSW. As far as Newcastle north of Sydney which is about 163km. That being said, we decided... Continue Reading →

Gnarly Bali

  27th May - 7th June We arrived in Bali late on the 7th and got a taxi straight to the hotel. Greeted with a cold wet towel and glass of OJ which was needed after the sweaty flight!! Our air bnb was in Seminyak which I discovered was a popular place for Surfing. More... Continue Reading →

Not on your Nelephant

30th April 2017 New video click here  Today was one I have been looking forward today for a long time, the elephant nature park. After doing some research it was clear that there is a lot of elephant tourist attractions, like the circus or getting them to paint, play football etc. They are also used... Continue Reading →

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